Welcome to WI Girl Designs!!                (Wisconsin Girl Designs)

I design beaded badge lanyards that look like fashionable jewelry to wear at work. If you have to wear a badge, you may as well look good wearing it!

beaded badge lanyards

 THE MOST POPULAR DESIGN! This is a 34" Hematite lanyard with Smokey Topaz Swarovski beads, peach marble beads, and white crystals. This lanyard is sold on the Colored Lanyards page.

                                                         Phone: 480-250-1803
                                                         Fax: 480-782-0181
                                                   Email: WIGirlDesigns@cox.net

I design unique beaded badge lanyards, necklaces, bracelets, eye glass necklaces, and earrings using:

* Swarovski crystals

* Sterling Silver spacers

* Hematite beads

* Magnetic clasps

* Pearls

* Toggle clasps


 I can customize any length, color, style you desire!


My creations are made with sturdy wire and multiple crimps to protect from breakage.

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